Locatecaller.in helps you how to track mobile number

Just Install our application Locate Caller which will help you in tracing a call , Knowing who is calling , Blocking and much

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An Andriod Application that can trace mobile number

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Locatecaller.in is best application to trace mobile number location

  • Know location of person Who is calling you .
  • know location of person You are calling .
  • Know Real time Location Of caller
  • Know Name of unknown caller
Locate caller splash screen
locate caller display location in map

Showing location after call Shows location on Map

Apart from mentioned features , Locate Caller provides following Features

  • SOS service
  • Call Blocking
  • Spam Filtering


Locate caller will be launching soon in all Platforms , Currently

  • Android (BETA)

Tracing Number

Will find location of the caller

  • Know location
  • Know Name
  • Of callers

User Friendly

  • Install
  • Register and verify
  • Good to go

Access global phone book

You can have the privilege of using our global phone book

  • Find Unknow caller
  • Block Unkonw person

Value Added Features

  • SOS
  • Call Block
  • spam Filter


No one time , no Rental absolutely

  • Was Free
  • Is Free
  • Will be Free

Meet Our Teams

Some People Behind This App

Nitish Mehta ,Co-Creator